We love green!

Taking care of the environment to ensure we will enjoy nature for years to come

What do we do?

Not only do we love nature, but we also feel it is essential to contribute to a better life in general. That means we work with local or regional companies wherever possible.

We opt for digital instead of using paper, recycle our rubbish and prefer re-usable materials. Of course we have planned designated areas for this in the Cycling Village.

How can you help?

As we enjoy our bikes along enchanting country roads and beautiful scenery, we leave behind a trail of destruction. 

Put your rubbish in recycling containers, use refillable bottles, consume local or regional products (Km0=less emissions)

E-bikes are classed as Zero Emissions Vehicles.

No littering!

We are serious about not leaving any rubbish behind. So severe that if we see you littering you will be excluded from the event.

The only thing that you can throw around freely is your smile and air of joy; no doubt you will!

Green city

The Marbella 2022 Strategic Plan is a dynamic document, from Marbella Ayuntamiento, Urbanismo.  This document provides the guidelines for an ever-changing environment where Marbella can position itself as a benchmark for green cities in Europe. For those who are interested…
read more here.




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