Personal Accident & Cancellation Cover

With the optional Personal Accident Insurance and our flexible cancellation cover, you can register with confidence.

From unforeseen injuries, family matters to global pandemics, our options are the solution to stay flexible so you can transfer or cancel your registration at any time.

Things are changing quickly in the world at this moment. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us in 2021.

We did our utmost best to make sure you can register with confidence for our first edition in 2021. Travelling looks still uncertain until Summer, but the second part of 2021 is looking promising. 

General Sales Conditions can be very dull, although necessary for both sides. We have tried to simplify this area, so you don’t have to read the whole fine print about cancellation if you don’t want to.

So many questions you wish to have answered before you buy your ticket? Like: “What happens if you can’t get to an event?

What happens if an event is cancelled?

Do I need personal accident insurance?” 

Here are four (4) things you need to know about our 2021 event.

  1. Get extra cover with our optional Personal Accident insurance.

This insurance covers accidents & injuries. The cost of the insurance is 15% of the value of your ticket. For example, your entry fee ticket is a total of €295; your insurance is €44 with a minimum of €25 for 1-Day tickets.

The insurance must be purchased at the time of registration or when buying services later, but no later than 30 days before the event. This policy, like most insurance companies, excludes COVID-19 from their coverage. Suppose any cyclist cannot attend the event due to tested positive at home for COVID-19. In that case, we, Marbella 4Days Cycling, will offer them the chance to transfer their registration to our event in 2022.

If you “catch” Covid-19 here as a tourist in Andalusia, Andalusia’s region has free insurance that covers tourists. Read more here: Free Insurance Andalusia COVID-19.

Learn more about the Personal Accident cover

  1. You don’t need insurance to cancel

If any cyclist cannot or does not want to come to our event, they can cancel their registration at any time. Entry fees and Services (Personal Accident Insurance and/or Cancellation Cover, VIP Pass) will be refunded, minus a percentage depending on the length of time before the event. You can find the details of these percentages & rates in our General Sales Conditions.

  1. You are better off with our cancellation cover solution.

The price is €10 per day, with a minimum of  €15 for 1-day, and the Best Deal 4-day ticket is €35. You can find more details in our General Sales Conditions.

If, for whatever reason, you have to cancel your participation, you´re covered with our cancellation coverage. The price of your ticket* will be refunded 100% if we receive your cancellation up to 5 business days before the event.

The cancellation fees for tickets will become 0% with our Cancellation Cover. We do, however, charge an administration fee of €20* for your cancellation.


  1. Transfer your registration

Things are changing fast at the moment, so we are keeping things flexible. If COVID-19 is still impacting our events in November 2021, we will allow affected cyclists to transfer their registration to another event in 2022 for an administration fee of €20*

*Each case will be reviewed to work with cyclists individually for the best solution for their particular situation.

 If we have to cancel an event, you will have options.

As Marbella 4Days Cycling events have smaller participation numbers than many other sportives, this gives us the confidence to look forward to our first event this year. However, if we are forced to cancel our event, all registered riders will be given the opportunity to transfer their entry to the 2022 event.

Our team is standing by

If you have any questions or want to check any details about your particular circumstances, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions about how things will work in 2021.

Please send us an email:

or if you prefer to chat, give us a call or WhatsApp on +34 643485442 

 (9 am-9 pm CET).

Our 2021 event will be a great success thanks to the strict measures we put in place so far already. Therefore we’re feeling very confident heading towards November 2021 and can’t wait to meet you here in Andalusia, Spain.