Terms & Conditions

Article 1: PREAMBLE

The Marbella 4Days Cycling is a non-competitive multi-day cycling event, which will take place from Thursday the 18th of November to Sunday the 21st of November 2021. The event will take place for 4 consecutive days. The registration day is the 17th of November.

Clear Focus SL organises the Marbella 4Days Cycling, CC Biarritz, local 5-8B, 29688 Estepona, Malaga, Spain.

The Rules and Regulations, which follow, shall govern the entire event and are in place to ensure a safe and fair environment for all participants. It is the participants’ responsibility to be familiar with them and to ensure compliance.



Each participant recognises that participating in a multi-day cycling event requires a medium level of training and that he/she is medically fit to participate. By accepting the registration general sales conditions, each participant takes complete responsibility in case of an accident that could occur during the outgoing or return trip to and from the cyclosportive or during the cyclosportive itself. Each participant also takes responsibility for the risks linked to such an event, including but not limited to accidents with other participants, bad weather, road traffic conditions.

Cyclosport, bike riding and bike racing is inherently dangerous sport and self-evidently exposes each participant to several risks, in particular, but not limited to personal injury or mechanical damage to bike equipment.

In signing up to the event, each participant acknowledges and accepts the above proposition and further accepts the following propositions, namely that:

  • Each participant shall be responsible for obtaining his or her insurance cover.
  • Each participant absolutely and completely absolves the organisation of all

responsibility with regards to the loss of, or damage to, any personal property

regardless of the circumstances.

The organisation, whilst having made every effort to:

(a) make the event as safe as possible for each participant, and

(b) having addressed and or reduced and eliminated or having attempted to eliminate as many of the Risks as it is possible to have anticipated and foreseen, is nevertheless not able to control, or anticipate, or foresee all events, and all participants accept this.

It may be necessary to cancel the event or a stage or alter the route, for example, in case of adverse weather conditions or force majeure.


The Marbella 4Days Cycling is a non-competitive sportive (aged 18 or older in the year of the event) and open to all cyclists from any country.

In accordance with the article L.231-3 of the French Code of Sport from the 5th of April 2006

(specific law for protecting sportspeople’s health and anti-doping controls), participation in the Marbella 4Days Cycling Sportive is subject to the presentation of a medical certificate confirming an appropriate level of fitness for cycling with the wording “fit for non-competitive road cycling in a mountainous environment” and dated less than one year before

the first day of the event. A template can be downloaded HERE.

For an entry to be accepted, participants must ensure that they have completed the following compulsory actions:

  • Fully completed the online registration process;
  • Provide the Organisation with valid emergency contact details;

Failure to complete these mandatory actions could result in a participant not being allowed to start the event.

Participants who are less than 18 at the time of the event (but who will be 18 later in the year) must provide signed consent to participate from their parents or legal guardians. A template can be downloaded HERE.


Ticketing & Registration for the event may only be done via the online registration platform at the following address: https://www.Marbella4DaysCycling.com

Entry fees for individual Registration for the Marbella 4Days Cycling 2021 are:

4 Days:

  • Phase 1: Early Bird – €295
  • Phase 2: Regular Entry Fee – €340

3 Days:

  • Phase 1: Early Bird – €295
  • Phase 2: Regular Entry Fee – €255

2 Days:

  • Phase 1: Early Bird – €245
  • Phase 2: Regular Entry Fee – €199

1 Day:

  • Phase 1: Early Bird – €125
  • Phase 2: Regular Entry Fee – €135

The Entry Fee for 2021 includes many benefits for all cyclists:

  • A BioRacer Jersey, custom made for Marbella 4Days Cycling at a discounted price. (FREE for the first 100 participants who buy a 4-day ticket).
  • Virtual Goody Bag with vouchers
  • Reception & Photo opportunity with Erik Dekker (VIP Pass)
  • Personalised bike plate and chip
  • A rear LED light to maximise riders’ safety & a yellow safety vest.
  • If transport is needed for specific days, the organisation will provide a professional company at no cost to the participants. The bikes are insured for up to €10.000
  • In the case of transport for more than one day, the bikes will be stored overnight in a 24/7 secured area.
  • A safe course for each stage, including:

o Marshals positioned along the route.

o Motorcycle escorts for the peloton.

o Safety vehicles to escort the peloton.

o A Broom wagon at the rear of the peloton.

  • A professional medical team present at all times, during the race and at the finish
  • Mechanical support both at the event Village and along the route
  • Feed stations positioned along the course for each stage, including:

o Water.

o Fresh fruit & food

  • A live timing system
  • A Spanish Tapa at the end of each day
  • Massage service and recovery area at the finish of each day*
  • A bike wash area and secure bike parking at the finish**
  • Challenge segment of the day rankings (Solo by age group and gender)
  • Challenge Segments Awards Ceremony
  • Daily rider briefing on Wednesday the 17th in the evening before the event starts. (Attendance is mandatory)
  • Closing ceremony after the final stage on Day 4
  • Videos & Photos produced during the event
  • A medal for each rider who finishes all four (4) days
  • Professional photographers throughout the event (payment after the event to receive your personalised photos)

(*) Free Recuperation Massage (10 min) TBC at the time of creating the document cannot be guaranteed for VIP Pass holders every day – but at least one day would be a reasonable minimum expectation.

What is not included in the entry fee:

  • Meals & drinks
  • Cost of transfers to and from the start venue; (Service sold separately)
  • Accommodation and breakfast; (Service sold separately)
  • Personal accident and property damage insurance; (Highly recommended – Sold Separately)
  • Entry Fee cancellation insurance; (Highly recommended – Sold separately –

see Article 5 below.)

  • Personal Travel insurance; (Highly recommended)
  • Anything that is not outlined in Article 4 above.


The event has strict a refund policy, but a transfer policy on entry fees and any packages purchased by participants should they be unable to participate in the Marbella 4Days Cycling Sportive.

This includes the following terms and conditions:

  • He/she will be able to transfer the Registration to an alternative person;
  • He/she will be able to transfer the registration to a future edition of the event;

It is highly recommended that all participants take out the Cancellation Cover at an extra cost for their entry fee. (excluded are services, VIP Pass, and accommodation, car hire, bike rental booked via our partners) More details in our General Sales Conditions.


Having cancellation cover provides participants with the security of claiming back entry fees should they not participate in the event for various cancellation reasons. Read more here: Cancellation Cover.


Bib/chip collection will take place at the event Village, !!!! location TBC !!!: Marbella, or due to Covid regulation on routes, forced to choose Estepona, Malaga, Spain. Open Wednesday 17th of November from 10 am to 6 pm (times TBC nearer to the event via email)

Participants will receive their rider pack once they have completed the following actions:

  • Provided a valid form of photo identification;
  • Confirmed their emergency contact information & medical certificate (template here) and parental consent (if applicable). Template here.
  • Equipment safety check.

Each participant must retrieve his/her bib/chip in person; no third-party bib/chip collection will be permitted.

The organisation reserves the right to prevent participants from starting the event should they fail to complete these actions or meet the conditions as per Article 3 above.

Article 7: EQUIPMENT

All participants must have a road bike and a hard-shell helmet to participate in the Marbella 4Days Cycling Sportive.

The following equipment is mandatory and must be presented after Registration at the Equipment Safety Check at Bib/chip Collection:

  • Hard-shell helmet
  • Long sleeve jacket for colder weather (rain)
  • Leg warmers
  • Gloves

The organisation will enforce a strict “NO HELMET – NO RIDE “policy. Failure to present this equipment could result in a participant not being allowed to start the event.

The following modifications or equipment is strictly forbidden:

  • Any system that does not conform to the definition of “road bike”.
  • Bottles/cans made of non-deformable material (glass, aluminium…)
  • Monocycles

The following modifications or equipment are allowed:

  • Recumbent bikes, tandems, electric bikes;

The organisation reserves the right to perform random inspections on all bicycles. Failure to comply with these conditions could result in a participant not being allowed to start the event or a stage.



The Marbella 4Days Cycling Sportive routes will not occur on closed roads; everyday vehicle and pedestrian traffic must be expected.

The organisation will provide safety and traffic support on the route to ensure that the event occurs in acceptable cycling conditions. Still, participants must remain vigilant at all times. Remember, this is not a race.

Participants must adhere to the rules of the road, event officials, marshals and traffic police at all times, including the following:

  • Cycle on the right-hand side of the road, at all times;
  • Cycle solo, when roads are an empty max of 2 cyclists beside each other;
  • DO NOT cross the middle of the road at any time;
  • Comply with all event (road)signage put in place by the organisation;
  • Respect traffic signal lights or signs if they are not secured by a marshal and or traffic policeman;
  • Respect other road users who are not involved in the race.

The following rules have been put in place to ensure the safety of the participants and to allow for the effective management of the event:

  • Participants must wear their bib clearly visible.
  • Bike plates must be placed clearly visible at all times.
  • Bibs and bike plates must not be modified, defaced, cut or reduced in size.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wear earphones at any time during any stages of the event.

Most days of the event will start using a secured and non-timed convoy, riding at a regulated speed. Participants must respect the organisation’s instructions during this time and until the stage’s official start is given.

Failure to abide by the Event Safety Rules could result in a participant not being allowed to join the event further.


The medical service of the Marbella 4Days Cycling will consist of highly experienced doctors, medics, emergency response workers, and ambulances, the number of which will depend on the current rules specifications of the event at the time. For medical reasons, a participant can temporarily or permanently be withdrawn from the sportive. A medical emergency number

will be given, and the M4DC-App (TBC) . In case of any significant medical emergency, each participant can quickly inform of their situation and do so 24/7 during the entire event.

Article 11: ANTI-DOPING

By registering for the Marbella 4Days Cycling, all participants agree to respect the prohibition of doping and the provisions concerning anti-doping controls, resulting from laws and regulations in force. Anti-doping controls can be carried out at any time without prior notice by licensing authorities.



An electronic timing system will carry out the timekeeping of the Marbella 4Days Cycling. The event is non-competitive.

All participants will receive a sensor/chip for timekeeping. This chip, which must be installed in front of the handlebars, will control the race at various points on the route and provide event timing for each participant.

Every day, each rider’s start time will be given by the chip when crossing the first timing mat.

The time taken into account will be the one given precisely by the chip on your bike plate at the crossing of each timing mat (start and

Feeding stations/control and finish line).

A participant who has not completed the entire course will not be given a medal on the last day.

For safety reasons, the organiser may decide not to time some portions of the course.

Article 13: TIME LIMITS

The following rules apply to Cut-Off Times:

– If a participant does not meet a Cut-Off time, it is at their own responsibility to continue the route without support from the organisation (medical, technical)

Cut Off times will be given each day at the start.


The participants of the Marbella 4Days Cycling may receive assistance outside of the feed & control station zones put in place by the organisation. This includes all forms of support, including receiving mechanical and food/water assistance. Private support vehicles may not intervene outside of feed station zones in any way. Obstruction relating to receiving personal assistance could result in a participant being disqualified from the event.


The Technical Director will summarise the four (4) days stages and present a summary of the stages at the Daily Safety Briefing. The info given to the participants will include essential information on the route, timing-segments, road closures and other important safety information. Any last-minute changes to the routes will be communicated via our M4DW -app.

All participants must attend the Safety Briefing on the 17th of November.


For each route/stage of the Marbella 4Days Cycling, the organisation reserves the right to change at any time the course and/or the position of the feed stations and/or the Cut-Off times. In case of bad weather and to ensure participants’ safety, the organisation reserves the right to postpone the time of departure, stop the current stage, or cancel it.


20.1 Respecting the environment

The event has a ZERO TOLERANCE TO LITTERING. Participants must keep their waste with them and only dispose of it in the waste bins provided by the organisation at the feed stations and specific waste “designated areas” or any other official waste bins they may see along the route.

The following penalties apply to the failure to abide by this rule:

– Disqualification from the day or the entire event, depending on the severity of the littering.

– In case of a second infringement, the rider will be disqualified from the event and all future events organised by the organisation.

20.2 Start line / Finish line

All riders, without exception, will be required to cross the official start line and official finish line to receive the medal on Day 4 after the finish.

20.3 Outside Support

The riders may use the products offered by the organisation or may use their own support team/friends to provide them with specific products.

But not within the feed station zones.

Riders whose support team/friends/vehicles fail to respect safety rules or instructions provided by the event management staff are subject to exclusion from the event depending on the infringement.

Article 21: INSURANCE

What follows below is subject to the general disclaimer set out above in Article 1.

Civil Liability: In conformance with all relevant current legislation of the dominant and governing jurisdiction [please see Article 1], the organiser has taken out insurance that protects against the financial consequences of actions against the organiser, its staff and the participants in the race. Regarding the participants’ personal liability coverage, it is limited to the accidents they could cause during the race from the start line to the finish line. This insurance will take effect either as a complement to other

insurance the participants might have or if participants do not have any insurance.

Personal Accidents: We highly recommend that all participants of the Marbella 4Days Cycling 2021, with or without a license from a sports federation, take out insurance guaranteeing the payment of a lump sum in case of injury (death or permanent invalidity) due to an accident that may occur during the Marbella 4Days Cycling. The compensation, depending on the damages

suffered, will be paid only if the participant who suffers the accident during the sportive is insured. It is optional insurance but highly recommended. You can use it in addition to the similar type of insurance obtained via a sports’ license (FFC, for example). You can read more here. Personal Accident Insurance.

Damage to personal possessions: the organisation declines all responsibility for loss or damage to any participant’s personal belongings. The organiser’s insurance contract does not cover loss or damages suffered by participants due to loss of or damage to personal possessions, including the bicycle*** and related equipment. To protect against costs and damages related to theft or damage to a bike or related equipment, all participants are responsible for obtaining their own(travel)  insurance.

The organisation cannot be held responsible for any possible accidents, whether the rider is the cause or victim. The insurance policy of the rider must cover such accidents and the consequences of them. The organisation will accept no responsibility for debts, costs that the rider incurs, the repair and damage costs to the bikes, or the loss of any other material owned by the rider. The participant absolves the organisation of all responsibility regarding the loss or damage to any personal property regardless of the circumstances.


Article 22: IMAGE RIGHTS

By participating in the Marbella 4Days Cycling, each participant expressly allows the organisation (or subsequent organisers) to use, reproduce or have reproduced his name, image, voice and sports performance through the sportive for any direct use or as a derivative of the event and this, in any material, in the world, by any means known or unknown to date, and

for the duration of protection currently granted for such use direct or derived by the law or regulations, judicial decisions and/or arbitration of any country and by current or future international agreements, including any extensions that may be made at this time.


By entering the Marbella 4Days Cycling, you give us consent to send you updates on the Marbella 4Days Cycling and any particular event organised by the organiser. We will not use your information for any other purpose. You can read more in our Privacy Policy HERE: https://marbella4dayscycling.com/privacy-policy-gdpr/



By entering the Marbella 4Days Cycling, each participant acknowledges having read and accepted these rules & regulations plus the General Sales & Conditions explicitly and without reservation. In case of any disagreement in the interpretation of these rules 6 regulations, the English version shall prevail.

Marbella 4Days Cycling may modify the Rules & Regulations unilaterally at any time. It publishes the current version of the Rules & Regulations electronically.

Marbella 4Days Cycling – Clear Focus SL

C.C. Biarritz, local 5 – 8B

29688 Estepona, Malaga,

*Free Massage: no guarantees given receiving a free massage daily.

** Bike parking: if we need transport for more than 1 route, the organisation will provide secure parking with 24/7 surveillance.

***Bikes on transport organised by the organiser are insured for up to €10.00