Cycle safely

Cycling in traffic & COVID-19 requirements


Before you get on the beautiful quiet mountain roads, you will have to pass through the outskirts.

To make sure all cyclists and other traffic are as safe as possible, we aim for an organised mass start. This means police and the team of M4DC will guide you through the busiest crossings. 


We would have loved to close off all roads for the exclusive use of our cyclists. But since M4DC is not a competition and you are free to take a break whenever you need one, this turns out to be undoable.

You have to comply at all times with the standard traffic rules.

About COVID-19

We do not only take care of your safety on the road. To prevent a mass infection with the COVID-19 virus, we are complying with all required norms.

We will keep you up to date when the event comes nearer.

Bike maintanance

You will have brought all your equipment in a perfect state, but you might want to do some maintenance during the event.

We will set up a workplace in the Cycling Village. You will also be able to count on the help of our professional partner Marbella Rent a Bike to get you safe and comfortable back on the road again.

Medical care

Let’s hope that all that you will have to deal with is having a sunburn. But life can throw unsuspected surprises.

There will be ambulances driving along the routes and one stationed at the Cycling Village. In case of an emergency, you will be brought to the hospital.

The sunburn, sore muscles and other minor casualties can be attended to in the special dedicated hospice area at the Cycling Village.





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